Staff Spotlight: Gayle Thompson

Gayle Thompson

Operations Coordinator

Sterling Council

Gayle Thompson, Operations Coordinator at the Sterling Council, graduated from Las Vegas High School in 1966 and attended Clark County Vocational School for Business. Her first job after school was Vault Teller for the Bank of Las Vegas. At the skating rink, she met (married) a Florida boy stationed at Nellis Air Force Base and when he left the Air Force, they moved to his hometown. Gayle has had several jobs while raising two children and one grandchild, which she homeschooled. She has been married for 52 years and has two children, two grandsons, and one great granddaughter.

Gayle was hired at the Sterling Council as a three month temp in March 2008 to assist in preparation for conference, and has been with us ever since! Today, we honor her.

As the Operations Coordinator, what are some of the things you handle on a daily basis? What’s on your plate (what isn’t?!)?

There isn’t much that isn’t on my plate on any given day.  I do all financial transactions, run the Six Sigma program, manage event speakers after Dione has recruited them and assist Dione in anything she needs for conference, assessments, and training.

What does successful communication between different organizational functions or personnel mean to you, and what lessons have you gained from it during your Sterling tenure?

Clear communication is paramount.  If people do not understand what you need or what you can provide, they cannot do their job properly or choose you as a supplier.  I have learned through clear communication (listening is communication), that I have fabulous resources to accomplish through others what I have little or no skill for, to make my company more successful.

Conference is coming, and you are its ringleader! What are some of the things in your realm of responsibility during Sterling’s biggest event of the year?

I am laughing at “ringleader.” I do feel like it is a circus at times ;0)  I do all financial transactions by hand for conference (invoices, credit cards, and payables).  I coordinate the speakers for Dione once she has them on board and slotted where they are best suited.  I prepare for registration onsite and gather my volunteers.  I work with IT to make sure the back room has everything they need and work with the staffers to make sure they have what they need to accomplish their marketing and graphics projects.  I oversee the invitations for the Executive Roundtable, the onsite brochure, and the books for the Tuesday events, all of which we create in house.  I am thankful every day for Jim Sherlock, Bethany Nelson, Adam Dunlap and Sara Faulkenberry.  They keep me sane and on task as well as doing a fabulous job making sure the Sterling Conference is a huge success.

You have been through a lot in your life, yet you do not wear your baggage on your sleeve. How do you keep a healthy perspective?

I trust God to be next to me every day and try to treat others as I wish to be treated.  I am certainly not the only one that has overcome adversity.

Out of everything you have accomplished or been a part of, what makes you most proud?

Being allowed by God to be a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. I only hope that I in some small way have contributed to the success of others.