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Sterling Organizational Profile Leadership Series

We are pleased to announce our second Sterling Leadership Series: The Organizational Profile beginning Tuesday, February 15th at 12:15 PM EST.

As leaders, you will gain tremendous insights as to what it takes to identify, understand, and drive your organizations’ unique characteristics for success. You will:

  • be inspired by organizational leaders on twelve foundational areas success factors,
  • benefit from their experience and knowledge,
  • obtain a level of understanding to apply learnings to your organization, and
  • learn how to “put it all together” in the fourteenth and final session.

Organizational Profile

Please plan to be with us for just 15 minutes per week! In approximately seven minutes our facilitators will share their experience and practices, with the remainder of the session will be open to Questions and Answers to reinforce your learnings.

Below are the topics per session to define, or enhance, your Organizational Profile:

  • February 15            Organizational Profile: The Foundation for Assessing High Performing Organizations
  • February 22            Describing Your Product and Service Offerings
  • March 1                    Defining Your Mission, Vision, Values, Culture, and Core Competencies
  • March 8                   Identifying and Stratifying Your Workforce Profile
  • March 15                  Understanding Your Organizational Structure
  • March 22                 Describing Your Assets and Defining Your Regulatory Environment
  • March 29                 Identifying and Stratifying Your Customers, Market Segments, and Stakeholders
  • April 5                      Defining Your Suppliers, Partners, and Collaborators
  • April 12                     Describing Your Competitive Position and Understanding Competitive Changes
  • April 19                     Defining Your Comparative Data
  • April 26                    Articulating Your Strategic Context
  • May 3                       Describing Your Performance Improvement System
  • May 10                      The Organizational Profile – Pulling It All Together

Please click on the link below to register for the Leadership Series: The Organizational Profile.

Through the registration link, you can download a meeting invitation that will add the entire series to your calendar:

We look forward to your participation.

Sterling Organizational Profile Playlist – YouTube