Six Sigma Process Management Series


We offer a multitude of high-value, high-impact training sessions for every size and sector. Results and savings are typically substantial; for example, the last 54 projects completed in 2018 had an average first year financial benefit of $1,287,000, a Return on Investment (ROI) ratio of 11:1, and a completion rate of 99.5%.  The comparison for the industry provides an average ROI of $38,000 and a project-based completion rate of 18%.

Special Belts:

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (Organizational) – This eight-day program is offered at an organization level for classes between 18 -30 individuals consisting of five to six teams who you want to be Green Belt certified while addressing important organizational issues.  The eight-day program includes the three-day Advanced Yellow Belt series plus the five classroom days included in the regular Lean Six Sigma Green Belt class. Flyer Link

Lean Six Sigma Executive Belt – This one-day session is an executive level session to prepare leaders for the implementation of Lean Six Sigma within your organization and provide the knowledge and tools necessary to drive decision-making, process improvement and results in your organization. Flyer Link

Lean Six Sigma Silver Belt Applications Expert – Composed of three one-day sessions, this program includes two classes focused on the Sterling Management Criteria for Performance Excellence-Understanding the Criteria 101 & 102, as well as a specialized class on understanding the linkages between the Sterling Criteria and Lean Six Sigma, with an emphasis on Sterling and Six Sigma integration. This specialized class is designed for both Sterling examiners and non-examiners who want to become systems and process experts within their organizations. Flyer Link

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Lean Six Sigma White Belt – Call for information and pricing. This four-hour session includes four modules: Process Management, Lean, Key Analytical Tools, and the Cost of Poor Quality.  This is a must for organizations that are committed to engaging their entire workforce in the actual improvement of the organization. Flyer Link

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt – This eight-hour course is a foundational learning program designed to provide essential core competencies for managing processes including tools for analyzing data, eliminating waste, and applying DMAIC-the Six Sigma methodology for problem solving.   Flyer Link

DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control) – In this eight-hour course you will receive hands-on instruction and how to apply the most useful Lean Six Sigma tools in the DMAIC framework to ensure effective problem solving. Flyer Link

Project Management – This eight-hour course includes practical instruction and application of the key principles and tools for effectively managing projects. The course is aligned with the standard phases used by project management training: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing. Flyer Link

Lean Six Sigma Advanced Yellow Belt – This program includes Yellow Belt, DMAIC, and Project Management, is an advanced training that applies the concepts of process management, lean, the key elements of project management, and the eight most important improvement tools you will use in the workplace.  Upon completion, you are eligible to enter the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification program. Flyer Link

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (Standard) – This program consists of six-day, 48-hours of training and requires the Lean Six Sigma Advanced Yellow Belt (AYB) as a prerequisite.  The six-day Green Belt program is designed around the DMAIC methodology and spread out over a period of two to three months beginning with two, two-day training sessions and a final one-day class at the end.  Green Belt teams must be a minimum of three to a maximum of six people per team per class for a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 30, or six teams per Green Belt classroom series.  This offering is not for individuals but is a team-based program. Flyer Link

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – This 12-day, 96-hour program requires Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification as a prerequisite.  In this training you will learn more advanced statistical and leadership-oriented tools to become the facilitator of organizational change for your organization.  In this capacity, you become the organizational improvement director for your executive leadership team.  Flyer Link